The fund is aimed at start-ups (less than five years old) and SMEs in the province of Noord Holland.
The fund makes convertible loans available for putting new concepts and ideas to the proof: Proof of Concept

We stimulate and support innovative projects at SMEs in the province of Noord Holland


Collaboration with knowledge institutions and other businesses can be really important during the phase in which you want to demonstrate your ideas. We hope our support will help prove your particular idea works and help you secure follow-up financing if you want to continue its development and introduce it onto the market.
If you believe that your project is a suitable candidate for the fund and the QUICKSCAN indicates this, you may submit your project. We will assess your project's compatibility with our terms and conditions [pdf] If, after the quickscan, it appears that your project may be eligible for a loan, then we will consider your application.
An independent committee will assess your application. If in principle we decide to support your project, we will meet you to discuss the details of the terms and conditions of the convertible loan. We deal with applications in the order in which we receive them and as long as we have the available resources. We will aim to complete the assessment of your application within 2 months. If we are of the opinion that your application is not compatible with the fund, you will be informed of this within two weeks.
The first financing period of the fund runs from 2018 to 2023. Europe is contributing to the fund during this period.


Investment Manager

Gijs Schot


Ilmatar Lutje Schipholt


Joris van der Werf


Wessel van der Woude


Wouter Keij


Prof. Dr. E.M. Meijer

Ir. M.C. Westermann MBA